Value Partners seeks to deliver consistent, robust returns while placing a premium on preserving capital. We perform a comprehensive risk/reward analysis on each potential investment, and only invest in assets and businesses with asymmetric upside and limited downside risk. We are guided by common sense, discipline and the recognition that intellectual humility is the foundation of successful investing. We adhere to the following core principles:

Buy Below Replacement Cost

Purchase at favorable prices using fundamentally sound assets that have previously lacked capital, attention or the proper financial incentives.

Utilize Appropriate Leverage

Seek to use the proper leverage (in amount and duration) to reflect the stability of each asset’s cash flow. In certain cases, we secure debt longer than our expected hold period—representing a potential asset upon exit if interest rates rise, as we expect them to.

Invest When New Supply is Low

Target markets with high barriers to entry and little to no competitive supply planned or under construction.

Align Interests with our Investors

Value Partners achieves alignment through fee structure, co-investment or other forms of risk sharing in partnership with our clients.

Anticipate Micro and Macro Opportunities

Seek to get ahead of capital flows in areas where economic growth is projected to drive tenant demand but new supply is not yet on the horizon. We have found that capital flows often influence asset valuations as much as— or more than—the impact of local market supply and demand trends. Once these target markets are identified, Value Partners works on the “micro” side to pinpoint investment opportunities with asymmetrical return potential through value-added management.

Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns Through Strategic Investments

Value Partners generates attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in properties in which value is temporarily impaired due to leasing, operating, physical, or capitalization issues and then re-positioning them so they have sustainable leasing advantages and a durable income stream by virtue of location, quality, amenities, and other features that distinguishes them in the marketplace. We execute this strategy by combining sophisticated capital market and investment expertise with extensive asset management, leasing, operating, and construction capabilities.

Recognizing and Responding Quickly to Capital Flow Cycles

Real estate is a cyclical business with its cycles determined, in large part, by capital flows. A sound investment strategy must recognize the importance of these cycles and requires a commitment to maintain pricing discipline when buying and a willingness and an ability to move quickly to sell when the value enhancement program has been completed and the capital markets are fully valuing asset and market fundamentals.

Long Term Oriented

We believe real estate is a long term asset by its nature. As such we will underwrite holding assets for at least 3 to 10 years. We aren’t motivated by quick trades. We use the flexibility of our capital to our advantage by only selling in favorable real estate environments, maximizing returns for our investors.

Research-Based Decision Making

Value Partners utilizes an extensive top-down and bottom-up research approach in all of the investment decisions it makes. Our research allows it to be an “early mover” in markets and property types before they attract broader investment interest. Emphasis is placed on markets that have broad, diverse economies and are dominated by industries with long-term growth prospects. The company is experienced in identifying and acquiring or developing exceptionally well-located, high-quality properties in strong markets and locations with significant potential.

Prudent Financing

Use of moderate leverage and a preference for rate-protected financing for the underwritten hold period.

Consideration of Exit

Continuous reassessment of the exit timing based on asset performance, economic and local market conditions, and the strength of prospective buyer demand.