Value Partners Group LLC (“Value Partners”) is a New York based real estate investment company focused on the acquisition and management of multifamily buildings and apartment communities across the United States.

Our goal is to consistently generate out-sized risk-adjusted returns for our clients through a variety of skills including creative acquisitions,“hands on” asset management, entrepreneurial re-positioning, and timely dispositions. These investments are structured across the real estate capital stack; however, we typically focus on traditional, controlling investments both with and without local operating partners.

Our objective is to provide investors with superior risk-adjusted returns through current cash flow and capital appreciation. We believe that to achieve above market returns in the current real estate investment climate, investors must rely on their investment manager’s ability to outperform the market. Our track record of out-performance is driven by an excellent transaction origination network, a disciplined and consistent underwriting process, sophisticated structured finance and capital markets skills and an entrepreneurial mindset.